Boxter Customer Saves $3,300 vs Local Dealer

Boxter Customer Saves $3,300 vs Local Dealer

Most of his Porsche® repairs are focused on solving the core problem instead of replacing unnecessary parts states James Lee, owner of Redline Automotive. For example, a Porsche® owner’s concern was the clear plastic window of her convertible Boxter window was cracked. The customer went her local Porsche® dealer and was quoted $4,200.00 to replace the convertible top. At first, she was okay with it and had the dealer order the parts for the job. She drove by Redline Automotive, a Porsche® Service Orange County shop one day and needed to add some air in one of her tires. While she spoke to James, her convertible top issue came up.

James told her that the cab top was still in good shape. He also advised her that she can have a cab top vendor take the top out and install a new clear plastic window for fraction of the cost at the dealer. The customer spent $900.00 for the new clear plastic window, which includes parts and labor. So in the end, Redline Automotive saved the Boxter customer $3,300 compared to her local Porsche® dealer by singling out her problem and solving it.

About Redline Automotive

Porsche® Repair Los Angeles and Orange County, Redline Automotive exclusively works on Porsche®. Their hourly rate is up to 35% lower compared to a local Porsche® dealer. Redline Automotive owner James Lee has 7+ years experience with Porsche® Service Los Angeles center as Porsche® Brand Ambassador in service. And he is a 2011 Porsche® Factory Certified Service Adviser.

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