Porsche® Owner Saves $1,140 on Clutch Problem

Porsche® Owner Saves $1,140 on Clutch Problem

A Porsche® owner complained that his clutch feels chattering and slipping at times.

He went to a local Porsche® dealer and was quoted a clutch kit and throw out bearing replacement. The quote from the local dealer was $2,200.00.

He came to Redline Automotive, a Porsche® Repair Orange County shop and we ask for permission for tear down to see what was bad in the transmission. We found out that the throw out bearing was completely worn out. Please see attached picture, the good bearing is on the left and bad one on the right.

However, the clutch was still in good shape, so he did not have to replace it at this time. The Porsche® owner ended up spending $1,060.00 with Redline Automotive and is very happy that his problem is solved.

The bottom line is the customer spent half the money he would have for the same concern. We are taking time to find out what was the cause of the problem, instead of replacing parts according to symptoms.

About Redline Automotive

Porsche® Repair Los Angeles and Orange County, Redline Automotive exclusively works on Porsche®. Their hourly rate is up to 35% lower compared to a local Porsche® dealer. Redline Automotive owner James Lee has 7+ years experience with Porsche® service center as Porsche® Brand Ambassador in service. And he is a 2011 Porsche® Factory Certified Service Adviser.

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