Redline Automotive Announces Big Savings on Porsche Turbo Rear Spoiler Repairs

Redline Automotive has found a way to reduce rear spoiler repairing costs for Porsche turbo owners.

Rear spoiler on turbos will rise when vehicle at speed around 75mph. Some owners have noticed their rear spoilers are extending unevenly. An Orange County Porsche Repair customer has a 2008 997 turbo who had the same issue. He went to a local Porsche dealer for a repair quote. The dealer told him that the complete assembly needs replacing. The parts are $3,200.00 and labor cost is $525.00.

The Porsche turbo owner came to Redline Automotive for a second opinion. Redline found that the left hydraulic ram was leaking. Instead of replacing the complete unit which includes two hydraulic rams; hydraulic pump and lines, we can replace the leaking hydraulic ram. Our quote was $953.00 for parts and $330.00 for labor. At the end of the day, rear spoiler rises up evenly and customer just saved himself $2,400.00.

About Redline Automotive: Porsche Repair Los Angeles and Orange County, Redline Automotive exclusively works on Porsche. Their hourly rate is up to 35% lower compared to a local Porsche dealer. Redline Automotive owner James Lee has 7+ years’ experience with Porsche Service Los Angeles center as Porsche Brand Ambassador in service. And he is a 2011 Porsche Factory Certified Service Adviser.

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