Redline Automotive Announces Instant HP Gain for Porsche Boxter with Simple Bolt on Upgrade

Porsche Boxter Customer Pays Less Than $1,500 for Instant 10 to 15 HP at Wheels.

Porsche Service Orange County shop, Redline Automotive announces instant HP gain with IPD plenum installation. Customer came in with a 2003 Boxster S wanted to upgrade HP without spending a lot of money.

We suggested the IPD plenum upgrade. This bolt on upgrade means Redline Automotive is not flashing the DME or upgrade exhaust where the customer could spend between 3 to 5 thousand dollars.

Customer agreed to purchase an IPD competition plenum which consist of the IPD plenum and a 82mm throttle body. After installation and road test for DME adaptation, customer can feel the instant gain in HP. Customer states that the car is willing to rev more aggressively and while driving on highway and he sometimes forgets that he is a lower gear.

Customer is very happy with the upgrade and the money he spent with Redline Automotive. Parts and labor was $1,350.00 for the upgrade. According to IPD data, HP gain on this upgrade is around 10-15 HP at wheels.

About Redline Automotive: Porsche Repair Los Angeles and Orange County, Redline Automotive exclusively works on Porsche. Their hourly rate is up to 35% lower compared to a local Porsche dealer. Redline Automotive owner James Lee has 7+ years’ experience with Porsche Service Los Angeles center as Porsche Brand Ambassador in service. And he is a 2011 Porsche Factory Certified Service Adviser.

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