Redline Automotive Reveals Proper Porsche Diagnose and Repair Procedures

A Porsche Owner Goes To Two Other Porsche Repair Shops with Dismal Results Before He Finds Success at Redline Automotive.

A 2002 Porsche 996 was towed into our shop. The customer complained that the car wouldn’t start and back fired terribly.

Porsche Service Orange County shop Redline Automotive started diagnosing for causes. They found that the engine had jumped timing. They drained the engine oil to watch for metal shavings in the oil. However, they did not find any significant amount of metal shavings in the oil, which indicated that the engine had not suffered any internal damage. Then they did a leak down test and compression test. Both tests came up OK.

Redline Automotive asked the customer’s permission for engine tear down. Cam covers on both banks were removed to gain access for timing check. They found out that bank #1 camshaft timing was 180 degrees off, which meant that the engine had been trying to run on bank #2 alone. That’s why it back fired so badly.

We re-set cam timing on both banks, re-sealed the covers, re-assembled the engine and transmission, and filled it with fresh oil and filter. Upon firing up the engine, there was no more misfire. The engine started up just fine.

According to the customer, this car had been to two other Porsche Repair Orange County shops in the past three months, and still came to us in such bad shape. It turned out that both of those shops were specialized in air cooled cars and didn’t know much about water cooled engines. At Redline Automotive, we use a factory scan tool to find fault codes that tell us what components in the system are malfunctioning. This scan takes out all the guess work, so customers are well informed of the problem, save money and time. Porsches are repaired right by a certified technician with the proper training. Instead of three months, it took Redline Automotive one week to get the engine to run correctly.

About Redline Automotive: Porsche Repair Los Angeles and Orange County, Redline Automotive exclusively works on Porsche. Their hourly rate is up to 35% lower compared to a local Porsche dealer. Redline Automotive owner James Lee has 7+ years experience with Porsche Service Los Angeles center as Porsche Brand Ambassador in service. And he is a 2011 Porsche Factory Certified Service Adviser.

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