Redline Automotive Porsche® Repair Procedure

  • Road test with customer’s vehicle to verify concerns
  • Perform 27 points inspection
  • Use PWIS tester to find fault codes
  • Identify faulty parts and contact customer for approval
  • Replace failed parts accordingly and verify repair
  • Top all fluids while vehicle is in service
  • Reset tires pressure
  • Complimentary car wash before delivery

Redline Automotive Repair Examples

Porsche® Owner Saves $1,140 on Clutch Problem

Customer complains that clutch feels chattering and slipping at time.

He went to a local dealer and was quoted a clutch kit and throw out bearing replacement. It was going to cost him $2,200.00

He came to us and we ask for permission for tear down to see what went bad in the transmission. We found out that the throw out bearing was completely worn out. Please see attached picture, the good bearing is on the left and bad one on the right.

However, the clutch is still in good shape, so he did not have to replace it at this time. The customer ended up spending $1,060.00 with us and very happy that his problem is solved.

The bottom line is the customer spent half the money he would have for the same concern. We are taking time to find out what was the cause of the problem, instead of replacing parts according to symptoms.

Boxter Customer Saves $3,300 vs Local Dealer

Customer came in with an older Boxster. Her concern was the clear plastic window of the roof cracked.

The customer went her local dealer and was quoted $4,200.00 to replace the convertible top. At first, she was okay with it and had the dealer order the parts for the job. She drove by our shop one day and needed to add some air in one of the tires. While we were talking, the convertible top issue came up.

I told her that the cab top was still in good shape. I can have a cab top vendor take the top out and install a new clear plastic window for fraction of the cost at the dealer. The customer spent $900.00 for the new clear plastic window, that is part and labor.

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